Code Description Solution
  UNKNOWN ERROR report the problem! click here
0x00000B SEGMENT FAULT report the problem! click here
0x3BC000 CPU MODE IS NOT DEFINED You need to set a CPU mode to use any register
0x3BC001 CPU MODE IS RESERVED Custom register has been added or has another opcode
0x3BC002 INVALID CPU REGISTER Enter a valid value in the first column
0x3BC003 INVALID CPU ADDRESS Enter a valid value in the second column
0x3BC004 INVALID CPU CONSTANT Enter a valid value in the thirdy column
0x3BC005 INVALID CPU MODE Check cpu mode click here
0x3BC006 INVALID LABEL Repeat markup, conflict with a hash literal or an unexpected negative number.
0x3BC007 INVALID PROCEDURE RETURN Check if you are calling procedures and returning correctly.
0x3BC008 DUALITY ADDRES WITH VALUE IS NOT ALLOWED Use only an address or a constant.
0x3BC009 VALUE OR ADDRESS IS REQUIRE Important use some constant value or address.
0x3BC00A VALUE IS REQUIRED Set a constant value.
0x3BC00B ADDRESS IS REQUIRED Set a memory address.
0x3BC00C VALUE IS NOT ALLOWED Unexpected constant value.
0x3BC00D ADDRESS IS NOT ALLOWED Not expected a memory address.
0x3BC00E NUMBER WHIOUT DIGITS Missing numeric digits.
0x3BC00F NUMBER UNDERFLOW Unexpected number because the value is too small.
0x3BC010 NUMBER OVERFLOW Unexpected number because the value is too large.
0x3BC011 NUMBER WRONG BASE Digit does not match number base
0x3BC012 NUMBER NEGATIVE IS NOT EXPECTED Mem. Aux, Mem. Main or constant has a negative irregular number.
0x3BC013 NUMBER ZERO IS NOT EXPECTED An irregular null value found. (example: divide by zero)
0x3BC014 OUT OF MEMORY Check for stack or buffer overflow.
0x3BC015 NONE TTY To use a teleprompter you must define the input or output.
0x3BC016 UNSUPPORTED FEATURE This feature is not supported by the architecture.
0x3BC017 MEMORY CONFIG Resolving conflicts in memory usage.
0x3BC018 CANNOT OPEN FILE File does not exist, or system does not have permission.
0x3BC019 NULL POINTER Point to a valid memory address.
0x3BC01A INVALID CHARACTER ESCAPE Control character not supported by the language.
0x3BC01B INVALID CHARACTER SIZE Control character not supported by the language.
0x3BC01C WRONG NUMBER OF COLUMNS Every row must strictly have 3 columns.